Malaria reduces economic growth by 1.3% in heavily affected countries, recommended reading and costs around $12 billion in lost GDP across Africa. Lives lost mean reduced economic productivity as well as personal tragedy. Productivity is further slowed while people are ill or caring for others. There were 1.7 HIV-related deaths in 2007 and 990 thousand deaths from tuberculosis. Most of these were among young people and adults in their most productive years.

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Sometimes, when her father was drinking, he would beat her mother, and weep at his misfortune of having so many girls. ¨ Women make up half of the world’s population, but work 2 out of every 3 hours worked in the world, receive only a tenth of the world’s income, and own only a hundredth of the world’s property. ¨ Because so much of the work that women do is not recognized, they often lack legal protection in the workplace.

Due to poor nutrition practices, poor sanitation and inadequate preventive healthcare, developing countries especially in Sub-Saharan Africa continue to face a huge burden of disease. Cutler et al, argues that better fed people resist more bacterial disease better and recover more rapidly and more often. In-case of low income, the food available is over stretching to cover the whole day or all of the household’s members. The answer to the first question is well-established and supported by research examining similar health disparities around the world. The things that bring people to hospital – chronic disease, injury, a lack of well-being – are not the source of the problem.

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Rather, it is the causes of these causes that are to blame for health disparities as large as those experienced in Hamilton. The most influential of these determinants are income, education, opportunity, housing and food security.

  • Yet talking with others is the only way to learn more about health problems and to discover their causes.
  • They are the same links that cause many of women’s health problems.
  • Often you will find that other women are worried about the same things, and want to discuss them.
  • Each of them blames one person – either Mira or her husband – and goes no further.
  • These are some of the links in the chain of causes that led to Mira’s death.

Subscribe to our newsletter for stories, photos and expert health advice. It will take more than ten years to turn back the tide of health disparities discussed in this series, but we’ve started the work and we’re not turning back. We know that rates of family violence are high across socioeconomic strata, and that there is a great deal of underreporting.

In one of his own studies, Boyce and his colleagues put electroencephalogram caps on 8- to 12-year-old kids from low-income and affluent families as they played a game. The EEG caps tracked the kids’ brain activity while the game directed them to select a unique stimulus from a group of similar-looking stimuli.

For more information on how we process your data, you can read Health Poverty Action’s privacy notice here. Sign up to be kept up to date on the global movement for better health, including how you can get involved in our work through campaigning and fundraising. In heavily affected countries billions of dollars of economic activity are lost each year as a result of illness and death from HIV, TB and malaria. This can seriously reduce economic growth in countries that are already struggling.

Still, most violence against women is not reported, because the police and others often blame women rather than men for the problem. ¨ Problems with mental health can be as serious as other health problems. Female circumcision, in which part or all of a girl’s outer genitals are cut off, can cause serious health problems. These include pelvic and urine system infections, sexual and emotional problems, and difficulties during childbirth. Every year about 2 million girls are circumcised, mostly in Africa, but also in the Middle East and Asia.

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The health of this child probably depends more on the health of the home environment than any other factor. The Rourke Baby Record recommends asking about family stress and assessing the need for home visitation — an evidence-based program that is proven to reduce rates of child abuse and neglect.

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